Fire-Rated Downlights

Our range of Knightsbridge and Ansell recessed fire rated downlights are designed with quality of finish and ease of installation in mind.  Both Knightsbridge and Ansell fire rated downlights and lighting equipment are painstakingly formulated to maintain a ceiling's basic fire resistant integrity. We have a selection of finishes in the fixed  VFRDGIC  range which replaces the VFRDG10 fittings. And the tilt version VFRSGIC which replaces the VFRSG10.  Or for  a more design orientated finish we have the new Knightsbridge Evolve range, EVOICF, with removable slim line fixed bezels these give an architectural lighting look to every installation also available  removable  IP65 bezels for bath and shower rooms.    Also, EVOICT, with removable tilt bezels in 8 different finishes.  

Recessed downlights, especially when paired with LED lamps, are increasing in popularity due to their modern and sleek appearance. However their benefits go deeper than just the aesthetic; recessed , fire rated downlights offer peace of mind, and LED lamps offer energy efficiency and value for money. Whether you are after a fixed or tilt fitting, the Knightsbridge range offers a versatile range of looks to complement most design  schemes. Perhaps you are thinking of installing LED downlights into a ceiling with insulation directly above it and are concerned about the extra fire risk and associated regulations? You would be best served by the Knightsbridge IC (Insulation Contact) range, which allows insulation to be laid directly above the light fitting. This is due to some nifty innovations in design and ventilation. The IC range is available in a variety of specs, bezels and designs.


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