LED Bulkheads


LED Bulkhead lighting units offer a sleek appearance for both wall or ceiling mounted installations. For the most part, our bulkhead lighting comes with the LED traypre-installed, making installation a breeze. Many ranges come with customisation options such as replaceable trims in versatile colours, so a change in colour scheme needn't be constrained by a pre-installed light fitting. LED Bulkhead lighting offers a very versatile look, making them incredibly handy; perfect for home, office, corridors or outbuildings. Some models are also available with motion sensors, like the POLO, saving money and reducing carbon footprint in areas that do not need constant illumination.  We also stock bulkhead fittings with emergency lighting battery packs  as standard, with a full 3 hours battery life and tough polycarbonate construction. We are proud to offer converting kits compatible with numerous non-emergency Knightsbridge brand LED bulkhead lights to convert them to emergency lights with a 3 hour battery. Our industry beating prices and excellent pre- and after-sales support make us a cut above our competition; our massive UK stockholding, price match guarantee and next day delivery ensure that you will get the job done in a cost effective and timely fashion. Have a query? Our trained team are on hand to help with any issues or questions you may have.

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