Lighting Guides - How to light your home

Lighting tipsGeneral Tips For Lighting Your Home
Many people spend a great deal of money decorating and furnishing their home to create a atmosphere only to find that something is missing. Read more >>

How much lightHow Much Light?
Determining the correct light levels for a home environment is a very complicated subject and depends partly on the individual’s perception. The formula below, however, can be used as a general rule of thumb. Read more >>

Light your bedroomHow To Light Your Bedroom
This is an area so often neglected. Consider the number of functions required of a bedroom. Read more >> 

Light your childrens roomHow To Light Your Childrens Room
A good central ceiling light is useful to provide general illumination and a bedside or wall-mounted reading lamp is
recommended.

light your dining roomHow To Light Your Dining Room
Many people opt for a down lighter above the dining table, however it is important to position this in the centre of the table and ensure the light is bright enough to illuminate the entire table. Read more >>

Light your living roomHow To Light Your Living Room
Avoid using one central light which will create hard shadows and possible glare. Instead aim to use plenty of different light sources to create pools of light, giving a much more interesting effect. Read more >>

Light your studyHow To Light Your Study
A general background illumination is important to avoid hard contrast created when only a desk lamp is used. Indirect wall washers or a floor lamp should achieve this perfectly. Read more >>

Bulb TypesWhen Lighting Your Home, Also Give Consideration To Bulb Types Read more >>
   * Low energy and fluorescent
   * Incandescent light sources
   * Halogen light sources - Low Voltage and Mains Voltage types

Bulb Efficiency... and Efficiency
   * There has always been some confusion about how much light you get from the different types of light bulb and
   * how much energy they consume.